"Everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." (Andy Warhol)

1. I've been dabbling with an abstract style of painting using watercolour on a surface known as YUPO. People call it YUPO paper, but in tru thYUPO isn't paper at all, it's plastic. An American artist named Mark Mehaffey has a world-wide reputation for this style of painting. I've been applying Mark's techniques (by following his videos) and enjoying them immensely. The great thing about YUPO is that it doesn't really absorb the paint, so you can easily remove it, and you really need to make this a key feature of the painting process. You can view my first non-objective YUPO painting, "Signals", on my Gallery 1 page.

2. At the end of May I started teaching a back-to-basics course at my local club, Dalgety Bay Art Club, on Wednesday evenings. I've got a great bunch of students and for the past few weeks I've been helping them sharpen their pencil drawing skills.